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Privacy Policy

Falat Group Co. obliges itself to keep the privacy for all visitors to www.falatgroup.com and as a part of our responsibility about your privacy; we have provided this confidentiality statement. As our customer, you may visit Falat Group website without entering any personal data in the worldwide web. The quantity of the data received by us depends on the data you are sharing with us.

By entering or requesting information in this website, you will permit your information to be received, used and transferred in accordance with the articles of this policy.

The information we receive from you
While visiting www.falatgroup.com, you are requested to enter information including name, and your contact data. We may also receive some information about how to use the website beside the data which you will send by letter or email to us.

  • Disclosure
    • The information you share with us, will be stand on our safe servers. We may also expose the information we received about how to use our side to the third parties, but they will not include any data to be used to identify you.

      Everywhere an entrance password presented to you (or you yourself selected it), it will enable you to access certain parts of our site; preservation of this password is on your own. We request you not to share it with any other else.

      Unfortunately, data transfer through internet is not fully safe. Despite we are trying our best to preserve your personal information. We may not guarantee the security in transferring your data; thus the responsibility of any data transfer is on you. Receiving your data, we use strict and security approaches to prevent unauthorized access to them.

      The countries out of European Economic Community don't have usually some rules for data protection. However, we attempt to ensure your data to be used in accordance with this policy, unless required by law. We will not share, sell or distribute any information received from you.

      Finally, in case our company will enter a joint investment with another company and/or merge with another corporation, your data will be informed to the new owners.
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  • Security and preservation of data
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  • Changes in Privacy Policy

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